Thursday, July 15, 2010

black and white

..was definatly what I was going for today, as I got dressed for work today. White vintage boyfriend blazer, with black slacks, and black pumps, with a statement necklace.
I have a 'not the best picture quality' image, courtsey of my iPhone, however I am yet to work out how to put in on this post...

I will keep trying however..

I have also started photographing the pieces of my first collection, also trying to work out how to upload onto ebay, as my computer does not ever want to co-operate..

If you know how, let me know -

oh and ADD ME

i worked it out!


  1. my comp doesnt love co-operating wither xxx

  2. i really need a new one, but i've just moved house's and so broke at the annoying!!

    hope yours works out for you!!