Monday, August 9, 2010


After having a very successful weekend sourcing pieces I cannot wait to share them with the world! I am aiming to have all the new wonderful pieces up sometime this week. I use the work 'sometime' as everytime I set a time or a date, something always happens to push this time or date back and each time I feel so terrible for it. For example, last week, a man decided to run into my car so I am using up my lunch breaks to get my 3 quotes to get it repaired as apposed to going home for lunch and working on the next collection...or my internet/computer situation creates a problem, however hopefully when optus ring me back, one and forall my internet will be up and running properly and that won't be an issue anymore.

However, I really have some amazing new pieces that I hope someone will snap up and love as much as I do.

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